SEO tips

When a person or a business is looking to get their website noticed SEO is one of the most important things they should look at. There are some SEO tips to have the site reach the top of the search results.
               Keyword Placement
               Using the right keyword is important but the placement is just as important. The keyword should appear in the URL or the site and any titles or tags on the page. The keyword also needs to be found within the first 100 words of the content. It needs to fit naturally and flow with the content.
               Pogo sticking
               This is the term used when a user clicks on the site. If they click and go back to the search results it sends a message that they do not care for the site.  To help prevent this and keep people on the site longer make sure the content is easy to read. Headings and bullet points will allow a person to find the information they are looking for. If the content is easy to find and read they will stay on the site.
               Delate Pages
               On the website, the pages that people do not look at are called zombie pages. They are there but they do not have value to the reader. If there are pages like this on the site it is best to delete them.
               Add Information
               Graphs and videos can help out the site. Search engines understand this content and this will help boost the ranking. People also like visuals to go along with the content so this makes a better user experience. The videos should have the keyword attached to them.
               These are some SEO tips to help a person get found. Quality content is important and so are keywords. These tips will help improve the ranking on search results.