Every person who has a side hustle or every company who want to have a website needs to be concerned about the letters SEO. These three letters are short of Search Engine Optimization. This is what gets your website listed in the search engines where people look for what you are offering. Anyone who understands web design, in most cases has a great grasp on Search Engine Optimization. So, what do three simple letters mean to you and why are they so important? It’s actually very simple and easy to understand. A web designer will design the website. After the website is designed it will need content and this is where the SEO comes into place. The web designer will make sure that your website is ready to get ranked and rated by the search engines but, the next step is providing great content with SEO in mind.

Who Needs SEO And Great Content? 

To answer the question of who needs to pay attention to SEO and have great content on their website, the short answer is, everyone who owns a website. Every single website who wants to get visitors needs to work on generating content based on what people are looking for. This is how people find your site, it’s all done by using search engine optimization. As long as you have the right search terms and people are looking for them, your website should do well with the search engines and get traffic. Using SEO you have a choice of weather you want to use exact matches or long tail key words. For example, plumber may be an exact match and plumber near me is a long tail keyword. The choice you make is often based on the competition for those keywords.  This is why, often the SEO expert will tell you to use both and center your content around many examples of these words and search terms.