Web design tips

When designing a website there are many things to keep in mind.  These are some tips to help a person design a great and professional looking website.
               Rough Outline
               Before doing anything online it is a good idea, to begin with, a rough sketch. This will allow a person to get an idea of what they want to post and how the site is going to look. They can also begin to get an idea of the technical aspects behind the design and how they are going to make it happen.
               The loading speed of the site is very important. If the site is taking too long to load visitors will move on. No one wants to wait for images and content. To help solve the issue of loading time a person should find a good hosting company.  They should do some research on the different companies and find the ones that will keep the site loading quickly.

Mobile, Many people use their mobile devices to perform internet searches and check out websites. Keep in mind when developing a website that it needs to be optimized for a mobile phone. The images need to show up on the phone and load correctly. While it may seem like a pain at first to make this on a phone think of all the visitors that will be lost if this does not happen.
               Hierarchy of Visuals
               When putting visuals on the website placement is very important.  Visuals are an important part of the site and the most attention getting and attractive ones should be placed first along with any corresponding data that goes with them.
               These are some website design tips. Keep these in mind when designing a website and think about what the visitors want to see. This will help with the design process